Air Strike Anaglyph 3D Glasses Red and Cyan 1 Plastic +3 Paper Offer – 3D Glass for Mobile Phone, Computer, Laptop, TV, Magazines and Projector

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Anaglyph 3d red and cyan glass for 3D photography and 3d movies. 3D Glasses used for 3d movies, viewing 3D Print, magazines, comic books, Anaglyph photos on the internet and publications. Also great for 3D TV, movies and games.. The following 3d films are viewable with our Plasstic 3D Glasses 1) Journey 3d 2) Haunted Castle 3d 3) Buffy 3d Musical 4) Shark Boy Lava Girl 5) Jaws 6) My Bloody Valentine 7) Journey to the earth 8) Coraline 3d 9) Final Destination