How to Clean Sunglasses Easily without Scratching

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You should know how to clean sunglasses Properly. Lenses can become scratched and cloudy over time if not properly cleaned. Although it is possible to purchase sunglasses cleaner, there are a few things that you can do yourself at home.
You can use vinegar and water to remove dust particles and grime from your shades. Simply pour some white vinegar into a small spray bottle (you can also buy premixed cleaners), fill up the rest of your bottle with tap water, add some drops of essential oil for scent, and shake. Spray your lens with this solution daily.
It is also essential to keep the surface of the sunglass frame from getting too hot. When you want to dry your frames, try using air conditioning instead of heating units. This will help prevent your frames from warping.
The best way to remove fingerprints and smudges from your lenses is by rubbing a microfiber cloth against the area, followed by a quick wipe-down with a lint-free paper towel.

How do you feel when you get scratches on your lens? Not good, right? If your answer is yes, then it means that your sunglasses lenses are damaged. You cannot use your sunglasses for a long time as it might ruin your eyesight.
Most people don’t care about their glasses because they just throw them away once they get some marks. But these days, people are more conscious about the quality of things and not throwing anything in the garbage. The same is true with glasses; you shouldn’t be careless while buying or cleaning your new pair.

How to Clean Sunglasses?

The best way to clean sunglasses is to use a soft cloth. You should remove dust from the lenses and wipe them with a cloth. Next, you should wipe off the frame of the sunglasses. There are four main areas to clean on the sunglasses: the lenses, the nose bridge, the temples, and the arms.

How to Clean Glasses Properly Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Clean Your Glasses Properly Step-by-Step Tutorial - Final Clen Glasses

There are many ways to clean your glasses, but not all methods will give you an accurate result. Today, I will tell you one of the best and easy-to-use methods, which will provide you with results in less than two hours.

Total Time: 2 minutes

  1. Make Liquid

    Make liquid for Clean Sunglasses

    Take a small bottle and fill it up with water. Add a few drops of dish soap liquid.

  2. Clean The Glasses

    Clean Glasses

    Gently rub the glass surface with this mixture.

  3. Rinse The Glasses

    Rinse The Glasses

    Rinse the glass by putting it under a running tap.

  4. Wipe The Glasses

    Wipe Glasses

    Dry the glasses using a soft towel or blotting paper.

  5. Ready to Wear

    Ready to Wear

    This way, you can easily clean your sunglasses without scratches on your lenses.


  • Soft Cloth
  • Water
  • dish soap liquid


  • Small bottle

Materials: soft cloth

Many people may have asked me what the most effective and straightforward technique for washing glasses is. Well, it depends on your style. If you want a professional look, try the method mentioned above. But if you are looking for an easier option, here is a list of some simple techniques.

Using toothpaste: This is the simplest and cheapest way to wash glasses. All you need is to mix the paste of toothpaste and water in equal parts. Dip the cotton ball into this mixture and use it to clean your glasses.

It will remove the dirt from your sunglasses. But don’t forget to apply some moisturizer before leaving your glasses home.

Vinegar: Another effective and easy method of cleaning your glasses is to dip the vinegar in hot water. You need to add a little bit of salt to the solution. Then soak your eyeglasses for 10 minutes and leave them to dry.

Baking Soda: The best thing about this process is that you won’t need extra ingredients like vinegar or toothpaste. Just dissolve two teaspoons of baking soda in a cup full of warm water.

How to Clean Your Sunglasses Properly

It’s essential to clean your glasses before wearing them. but Many people confuse how to clean sunglasses. This will help you keep your eyes healthy.

How to Clean Your Sunglasses Properly
How to Clean Sunglasses Easily without Scratching 1

You should also be careful when you’re cleaning them. You might ruin your eyeglasses if you don’t know how to properly clean them.

You need to start by wiping down the lenses with a damp cloth. Then, you’ll want to use lens cleaner. Finally, rinse the lenses thoroughly.

Make sure that you take good care of your contacts. This means you should always wash your hands and store them correctly after handling them.

When storing your lenses, make sure that they are dry. Also, you should avoid putting them into your pocket.

To prevent your lenses from fogging up, you can apply some drops of petroleum jelly to the inside of your nose when you first put on the glasses.

If you own a pair of prescription sunglasses, you will likely notice that they look dirty. But did you know that dirt can actually damage your vision?

How to Clean Sunglasses Lens

When you wear glasses, they can be a bit difficult to look after. Because of this, you might want to consider buying a pair that you can keep clean. This is especially true if you’re a frequent wearer of spectacles. They could become cloudy if you don’t take care of your lenses.

You should also ensure that you use safe cleaning solutions for your eyes. You shouldn’t buy any products that contain chemicals, and you should always check the label before using anything.

Some people recommend wiping their lenses with a damp cloth. However, you need to ensure that you dry them properly afterwards.

If you’re looking for a way to clean your lenses without risking damage, you can try rubbing alcohol instead. Simply soak a cotton pad in the solution and rub it over your lenses. Then, you can wipe away the excess liquid.

This is because they tend to get dirty quite quickly. Instead, you should stick to regular eyeglasses. It’s also essential that you replace your frames regularly.

How to Clean Sunglasses Frames
How to Clean Sunglasses Easily without Scratching 2

How to Clean Sunglasses Frames

When you wear glasses, they protect your eyes from dust, dirt, and other harmful elements. However, you need to be careful when you’re cleaning them. If you don’t take care of them properly, they can quickly become dirty.

To make sure that you keep your lenses looking new

Follow these steps:

  • Wash Your Lenses

    You should wash your eyeglasses after each use. This will help to remove any smudges or fingerprints. You can also wipe the frame with a damp cloth to eliminate excess dust.
  • Clean the Frame

    To avoid scratching your lenses, you’ll have to clean the outside part of the frame. Use a soft brush to gently scrub your frames’ plastic or metal parts. Make sure that you use soap and water to do this.
  • Dry the Frames

    After you’ve cleaned your frames, you should let them dry before putting them back on your face.

How to Clean Sunglasses Safely at Home

How to Clean Sunglasses Safely at Home
How to Clean Sunglasses Easily without Scratching 3

It’s important to know that your eyes can be harmed by dust, dirt, pollen, smoke, and other environmental pollutants. but That’s why you need to take care of your glasses. If you want to keep them looking their best, then you should follow these steps.

First, wash your hands with soap before you put on your glasses.

Next, you’ll have to wipe off the lenses. You can use a wet cloth or cotton swab, but ensure that you don’t let the water get inside the frame.

If you’re using a lens cleaning solution, you should spray it outside the glass. Then, you should carefully place the frames in the container and shake the liquid around.

After this, you can rinse the lenses with warm tap water. Make sure you do this slowly so you won’t scratch the lenses. After that, you should dry the glasses thoroughly.

You may also want to consider getting new prescription sunglasses. Because they look better than the old ones.

In fact, most of us spend more time wearing our eyewear than we do our clothes! That’s why it is essential to take good care of your glasses.

How to Clean Sunglasses Without Spray

How to Clean Sunglasses Without Spray
How to Clean Sunglasses Easily without Scratching 4

When you wear your glasses, you want them to be precise. If you have any scratches, smudges, or other marks, you might as well throw them away.

it is common question how to clean sunglasses without chemical spray. If you don’t like using chemical cleaners, you can use baby wipes instead. Just make sure to avoid rubbing the lens with the wet side of the wipe. Instead, you should hold it next to the glass and then rub it across the surface in a circular motion.

You shouldn’t leave your eyeglasses in direct sunlight for very long. The heat will cause the plastic frames to warp, so you must keep them out of the sun.

And, if you have prescription sunglasses, you can clean them with water, too. Just wash it with water and wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Benefits of Clean Sunglasses

There are numerous benefits of cleaning your sunglasses. You must keep them looking as new and shiny as possible, especially regarding fashion items. Sunglasses are often an accessory to many outfits. They can make or break that outfit depending on whether or not they match.

If the lenses have become scratched, dirty, or cloudy, the glasses will detract from whatever you’re wearing. To maintain your sunglasses, you’ll need eyeglass cleaner (you can use regular glass cleaner if you prefer) and A soft cloth. For best results, place the glass in a bowl of warm water and gently rub it with the fabric until it is thoroughly cleaned.

Drawbacks of Using The Wrong Sunglasses Cleaner

One of the biggest problems with using the wrong cleaner is that your glasses could be damaged. In fact, they can scratch easily, and the lenses could become cloudy. If you’re cleaning them at home, use the correct type of lens solution and a soft cloth to wipe the surface. For example, some cleaners contain ammonia, which could damage the plastic.

Make sure the cloth is cotton, so no particles will be transferred onto the lenses. To remove fingerprints, you should purchase special cleaning wipes. Do not try to rub the glass because it may cause scratches.

Conclusion of Using Glasses Cleaner

In conclusion, I love the idea of having a pair of sunglasses that are so perfect that even when you wear them all day, you don’t want to take them off. These glasses cost thousands of dollars, require regular cleaning (which isn’t fun at all), and usually look awkward on most people. Well, there are ways to get around this.

How to Clean Sunglasses

  1. What’s the best cleaning solution for eyewear?

    It depends on what kind of glasses you have. For plastic frames, just use a soft cloth.

  2. Can I get my lenses replaced?

    Yes, if they become scratched or dirty you can easily replace your lenses. Just contact Hrinkar Opticals made your prescription. Most stores will help you out with this process.

  3. How often should I wash my eyeglasses?

    Washing your glasses every week is good. But it is also important to make sure you don’t scratch your lens by rubbing the outside edges. To prevent scratches, simply rub your finger along the inside edge of the frame.

  4. Is there a special way to clean my sunglasses?

    There are many different ways to clean your sunglasses depending on their type.

  5. How do I store my new pair of shades?

    Once you’ve cleaned your sunglasses, you may want to put them in a case for storage. Keep in mind, though, that storing them too long will cause them to lose the luster and shine.

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